Ineke Smeets

    My studio is my laboratory.
    I am an observer, pay attention to details, want to see everything and display this on paper. I want to get as close as possible.

    Accuracy and precision, that is how I like it: it has to be correct.

    But occasionally, better still,
    I reshape that world to create a possibly non-existing world,
    a world in which absurdity reigns supreme.

    A melting pot of shreds of human, animal and/or landscape.

    Because increasingly there is an uncontrollable craving to put everything in a new framework.

    I want to be right there, on top of the skin, one that breaths;
    wrinkles, folds and shines.

    Along the way, during this quest, something might originate that makes a person smile.


    • Education: ABK Minerva.
    • Member of VBKN (Vereniging Botanische Kunstenaars Nederland).

    • Nearly everything is a coincidence.


    • Elias Canetti
    • Glenn Gould
    • Pierre Joseph Redouté
    • Max Ernst
    • Jean Tinguely
    • Meret Oppenheim
    • Franz Kafka
    • Karl Blossfeldt

    • And you.